Minevival Main Warps Edit


The main PvP area is at /warp pvp

KitPvP Edit

/warp kitpvp is a good way to train your pvp skills without losing any armor on the server.


/warp Skyblock is the spawn of our Skyblock world. Here you can use the skyblock commands.


At /warp market people can buy a market stall and sell their goods, or buy things from other players.


Do you like gambling? This is the place for you!

At /warp casino you can spend your money on our slots.


At /warp Enchant you can enchant your stuff.


In the Portal Lobby you can use the portals to teleport around. The destination of the portal is on the sign!

Hint: Right-click the sign for an explanation of where it will bring you!


/warp randomtp is for everyone who wants a random teleport into our buildworld.


At /warp Staffroom you can check out all the lovely Minevival staff.

Tokenshops Edit

All commands regarding Minevival's custom tokenshop plugin are displayed at /warp tokenshop

Stables Edit

Mob spawn eggs can be purchased at /warp stables

Blacksmith Edit

Your inventory can be stacked at /warp blacksmith


Special crates can be purchased at /warp crates


Special 'spirits' can be purchased at /warp spirit


Rank-ups to Veteran & Vivalist can be purchased at /warp rank

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