When you vote you will be rewarded using the plugin Votifier. This plugin has a roulette which can give you the following rewards.


  • Magical vote: This will give you a sharpness 5, efficiency 5 or unbreaking 3 book. Chance: 5 in 100.
  • Delicious Apple: This will give you 1 enchanted golden apple. Chance: 2 in 100.t
  • Unleash The Beasts:  This will give you a monster spawner. Chance: 1 in 250.
  • Shiny Stuff: This will give you one diamond. Chance: 30 in 100. Reroll: I do ten times!
  • I do ten times!: This will give you ten diamonds. Chance: 0 in 100.
  • Luck of the draw: This will give you a T3 vote token. Chance: 5 in 100.
  • Votetokens: This will give you a T1 vote token. Chance: 50 in 100.
  • 250 Dollars in my pocket: This will give you $50,-. Chance: 100 in 100.
  • Sticky Vote: This will give you 9 slime balls. Chance: 10 in 100.
  • Gift From the End: This will give you four enderpearls. Chance: 5 in 100.
  • SUPERGEIL: This will give you four apples, two breads, a cake, two water bottles and sixteen potatoes. Chance: 1 in 100.


  • Some for voting EXP: This will give you some EXP levels. Votes: Every 5
  • Voted on all the serverlists: This will give you $150,- and one diamond. Votes: Every 9
  • 50 votes in my pocket: This will give you 10 diamonds, 20 xp, and $2000,- Votes: Every 50. Reroll: Emeralds ftw, chance: 20 in 100.
  • 100 votes baby!: This will give you 3 diamonds and $3000,- Votes: Every 100
  • Legendary Voter: This will give you 4 diamonds and $10.000,- Votes: Every 1000

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